Let it all come out
October 02, 2018

Let it all come out

We close off, we keep things tight, we don’t open up, things fester, it gets harder to speak until maybe one day we “breakdown” and in that breakdown we release everything that we have been holding onto, sometimes in a way less idilic than we may have thought.
Don’t wait “Let it all come out” everything, anything, all the time, but at the right time, which is normally now.
You don’t have to tell everyone but to tell someone is often better than telling no one. Be it a deep emotional issue you are facing or something as simple as wanting to set a new goal, you do not need to carry the burden around with you day in day out. There are people that want to help you, that want to listen and by letting things out you will get the support that you need and set yourself free from the burden getting ever heavier.
I was terrible at this until when a friend came to see me in hospital earlier this year just after my crash and he explained that his brother had had a number of accidents and never spoke about them, thus leading to issues down the road. It made sense and even having visitors in the hospital and retelling my story of the crash to them served as therapy.
It’s not easy for me and I am sure it is not easy for you and yes you have to pick carefully the people that you share things with but as I continue toward the goal of letting things come out more freely I certainly feel freer and in a strange way lighter, giving my mind space to use in other ways.