February 20, 2022


All dressed up in spandex singlets & short shorts, laced with secret pockets, loaded with fuel to power us through the kilometers that lay ahead.

The kilometers that will be eroded by this obscure “sport” called running. Sport yes but more fittingly vehicle or something similar, that’s what running is for us, a vehicle that takes us from our various conditions to happiness.

At heart we are, have or will be a loose bunch of addicts. Some addicted to things more severe than others. Some from the outset to the vehicle itself.

Judgement oscillates humanity as a whole but somehow doesn’t cloud those that are in their vehicle and making epic steps forward. These people care little for it. Their focus is hands and feet inside the locomotive.

On one side it’s mind blowing but in reality it’s so simple, so much so that we are often unwilling to accept its simplicity.

But it’s complex too at the same time, it takes work, hard work and is doused with brutal honesty. Difficult to accept for so many more.

This party never ends. Life just keeps getting better.

Thank you.