Long Covid
May 29, 2022

Long Covid

For a while we have heard the phrase “long Covid” bounded around relating to symptoms those who contracted Covid are feeling some weeks months or even now a year after they initially had Covid. The symptoms however are always discussed on a medical level such as tightness in the chest or varying degrees in their ability to smell & taste.


There is another long Covid which no matter if we have contracted the virus or not we will be some way impacted by. But of course it is spoken of less, if at all.


The “psychological long Covid” I shall term it. The beautiful thing about this form of the virus is that it brings us many positives along with a few less than desirables.

  • Many made professional work changes at various stages of Covid that they would have never made had it not arrived. They are thriving.
  • Some made health changes at the start, (others waited until they gained 15kg or more) and are now taking on physical challenges they would have never dreamed of in 2019.
  • People reached out to things such as study, mindfulness, gratitude, reading and many others which they maintain to this day and after close to two years of practice are reaping some incredible benefits.

The list goes on and of course is paralleled with examples of those that chose not to react so well to any form of Covid.


The psychological strain of long Covid is hitting us all. Of course many stay in denial as the work to identify it and act upon it like all psychological illnesses is inherently hard. However those that embrace it, continue to be aware, curious and grateful will be able to leverage long Covid for a fuller life!


Aifric Wormald May 29, 2022 AT 11 am

Yes for me it was the physiological strain and it is still with me. Physically I was ok, I boosted my diet with vitamins and exercised outdoors as much as I could once they let us outside again.
I like your quotes and inspiration, you helped me a lot even though you don’t know me!
I have always been into fitness and am very self motivated but I was a bit lost for a while and you said if you don’t know where to start just do something, anything! So I Did . Got back to the gym and hit the training again! ‍♀️‍♀️
The covid battle is not over yet so just taking it day by day. I had to resign from my job which I loved but have recently retrained as a swim coach and hopefully that will be new career.
Thank you for the motivation Marcus, keep up the good work. .

    admin June 13, 2022 AT 05 pm

    Great thoughts Aifric

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