Make a post not an excuse
February 06, 2018

Make a post not an excuse

Social media is a huge part of pretty much everyone’s life these days, don’t fight it.
Read the title of this blog post again. If I can offer you one piece of advice that title would be it.
Are you not bored of reading peoples excuses or justification for their short comings? I certainly am.
No matter if you entered a race and something went wrong, you entered that race and you were there, you were committed and I commend you. I don’t want to hear your rant about how something went wrong and you were in the best position of your life and about to smash all your personal records out of the water until that something went wrong. That is just total BS.
Make your post, make it real, it is a post not a stream of excuses. No one cares and nor should you.
If you came up short write it. If you didn’t want it enough write it. If your shoe fell off, write it. And then be happy and leave it.
Excuses are for weak people.