October 23, 2018


Do you get nervous?
Before an important meeting with your boss.
Before a big event or challenge.
Before getting in your car in the morning
If yes…why?
If no….why?
Nerves are a good thing as well as a bad thing but it is important to know which category you fall into and why.
You may be nervous before you meet your boss simply due to the fact that you know you have not been performing and you are going to get a dressing down. The same that you may be nervous before a fitness event as you know you have not trained properly.
These two scenarios I see as an unnecessary use of nerves due to poor preparation and not taking control of variables that are in your control. There is no excuse and you deserve to be nervous and not do well.
On the flip side of the coin you could have everything totally under control, be hitting all of your work KPI’s and done all the training for your event and still feel a certain amount of nerves, these are good nerves and if you have experienced them you would know exactly how they feel. They help you, they drive you and they bring out the best in you.
The message here is simple. We all have nerves. Just make sure that you are always well prepared and you have the good nerves that will help you in whatever you are doing.