No turning back
June 19, 2018

No turning back

There is no eraser, no white ink and unlike driving a car where in when you make a bad turn you can simply throw a u turn and go back to the start, life is different there is no turning back.
But what does this mean? We should only do things that we are 100% sure are going to turn out perfect every single time? No not at all, in fact quite the opposite, we should test things, try things out, commit to things that at the outset we may not be sure if they will work and we should be ready to accept that not everything does work but in trying we have succeeded in some way shape or form.
The reason I believe we should take all of these risks, commit to things and go all in even if we know that we may not always win is that many of those situations or opportunities will never come around again and we are unable to turn back to revisit them.
So no matter what you are doing and no matter how confident at the time of doing it you are I just want to encourage you to go all in, to be forward thinking and to keep powering straight forward. If what you are doing is a success that is awesome and if it doesn’t work out quite right then there is benefit too. Either way there is no turning back so be all in all the time.