Not everyone will make it
January 09, 2017

Not everyone will make it

You know that don’t you? Yeah I know you know but what do you do about it? How much does that drive you?

You don’t know that? Then open your eyes and have a look around. Of the kids you were at school with how many are literally dominating life, have ultimate happiness in their family life, health and work life? Some may have a bit in some areas but few will have a lot in all.

Hence the title…. Not everyone will make it.

Now we agree with each other, shall we continue?


Sometimes to understand why something has failed it is key to look at the characteristics of the failure. Let’s just a list a few reasons why people don’t make it:
* Lack of direction: They never really know what they want in any part of their life.
* Lack of passion: What they were dealing with they were never really passionate about.
* Sacrifices: They were just not willing to make enough.
* Hard work: For me the key, people want things but just don’t want to work hard enough on them.

We could go on there but I think you get me and I think if you look at failures you could form your own long list in a very short space of time.
So what do you need to do? Well the obvious is the opposite of the characteristics of those that have failed, plus a couple more:
* Understand who you are and why you are here.
* Get some fire in your belly about something you are passionate about and make it your life.
* Always put your family and support network first but be ready to sacrifice anyone who is not important, you have no room for excess baggage.
* Be ready to say no and so no aggressively. There are so many distractions, you have to be firm with them.
* Work your rear end off. There is a misconception that this means 24×7, it does not, what it means is that you will have to do things that others are not prepared to do, over and over again. Remember the old cliche….if it was easy everyone would be doing it!
* Respect your health because your body is your only transport option, use it and you win, abuse it and you fail.

My title remains…..not everyone will make it.

You now have a choice just like your have had all along. You can chose to make it or you can choose to fail.

Please chose the right option and go out and WIN.