Now! Is what matters
August 01, 2017

Now! Is what matters

We sit, we think, we reflect.

We are in a moment, it’s loud, it’s often painful, it sometimes defines us.

We speak and often when we do we compare to yesterday and what was.

We continue to speak and make promises for tomorrow and what will be.

Have you every thought about this?

Have you ever thought about NOW.

Have you ever thought that NOW is actually all that there is. Yesterday has gone, it is the past, yes we can learn from it and get better but what’s the point in dwelling on it. Tomorrow may come or it may not, it excites us either way but actually it never arrives because when we get there we are back to the NOW.

Your life, my life, everyone’s life happens in the now, in the moment, in the present. So doesn’t it make sense to focus all of ourselves with all that we have and all that we want to be in the moment and on the now?

Because NOW is all that there is, it is all that ever needs to matter. Let go of what happened yesterday or even before and don’t stress about tomorrow becuase when it arrives it will only be now.

Be in the now, embrace it, live it, it’s what matters.