On the cusp
October 17, 2022

On the cusp

All of your senses are heightened, they know. You think they operate independently of each other, some days you can see it but not touch it, other days you can smell it but not taste it, on the days where you can taste it you can’t always seem to hear it.
The reality is they work together, they work with you, they are you and they want the best for you. This is why they talk to you. Even on the days you do not talk back or when you try to numb them they are there for you showing you the way, often a microscopic light at the end of what may fell like the darkest tunnel.
I’m with you, I get it, it can appear confusing I know, in small pockets I know you get it, you want it, you know it’s right, but then something, someone or somehow washes over you and you keep reverting back to who you thought you were and with it comes everything that is not really you, that you do not really want and it’s absolutely paralyzing you.
Go, let it all go, it’s done, cut the final thread and live on your terms not those of others that bare none other than superficial meaning to someone you never were.
You are on the cusp, I am still here, together we will set you free.