Onions make you cry
June 05, 2021

Onions make you cry

So may looking deep down into your soul, unpacking your past, figuring out who you really are and why you are here!
It’s just like cutting an onion.
We ask the simple questions, they are easy to answer just like taking the first layer off an onion, it causes no tears.
But with each layer, each deeper question we go closer to the core, closer to the juice of the onion that makes us cry all be it uncontrollably and for often an unknown reason.
If we really want to know ourselves then we have to find the centre of the human onion and be ready for all of the emotion and hard to understand hurt that may come with it.
In the end we get our onion in the pieces that we want and use it for our desired use.
Onions & humans…..same same really!!!