April 30, 2023


Everyone has one.
Some we agree with.
Some we do not.
That’s cool.
But what exactly are they and how are they formed?
Formed on information we have sourced and how our values and belief systems have chosen to process that information.
We have access to more information now but spend less time on a single source and more time bouncing around learning less and maybe getting a less clear opinion.
It’s wild really and it has to all come back to the information we are programmed with. Maybe let’s try harder to keep that information more pure, spend time understanding it clearly so we can serve each other in the best possible way.
Remember the opinion you may leave someone else with has the ability to change their life, for good or for bad!


Mahrukh April 30, 2023 AT 04 pm

Absolutely agree. Thanks for articulating it so well as always . This one is going in my journal to be read every day . Keep them coming .

    admin May 9, 2023 AT 09 am

    Always appreciate your support and kind words. Thank you Mahrukh!

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