April 14, 2020


Someone tells you something, you Google it, you ask a friend, you Google it again, you ask a colleague, you check on social media, you watch a you tube clip about it. WOW!
We now have access to more information than we have ever had before and it is leading us to completely overthink pretty much everything.
We want to buy a new phone, we have thousands of options.
We want to go to a mall, there are ten times more than there were 10 years back.
We want to order dinner, which “app” do we use for a start and then how many decisions do we have to make along the way?
So how do we get around this? We need a process, a system to follow to ensure we feel comfortable and confident in things but not to overthink.
Identify people you trust, sources you trust and use them. Accept the information, make a decision, be confident and move on in life. You need a rock solid decision making process or you are going to be stuck in an overthinking frenzy.
The more time you spend overthinking things in no matter what part of life the less time you have to live life.