Own it
May 22, 2018

Own it

“It’s always your fault. Deal with it!”
I see it way too much these days where people are super quick to pass the blame and we are taking an increasingly less amount of responsibility for what happens in many areas of our life.
When things go wrong, and they will, sit back and ask yourself, “what can I do to make sure next time the result is different?” Because if you don’t and you behave the same way then next time the result will probably be the same again and yet again you will be looking to blame someone else.
I have been thinking about this a lot in my life recently and in things that I do such as coaching. For example, if I have a client who does not understand the workout properly or does not execute it properly I immediately run an analysis as to what I could have done better to explain it so that they should have understood it. The answers come super fast but they need effort and they need this post mortem examination and that is the way we get better.
The same is applicable in so many areas of our life, we are quick to blame others where I am sure if you step back and think about what you could do differently and take ownership of more things then you will find the results are very different.
So no more blame game. Own it! It’s always your fault!


Jenya May 22, 2018 AT 06 pm

Thank you very much boss, for a valuable piece of thoughts. I absolutely agree. It’s a characteristic feature of a person, who attend to blame anything or anybody instead face the reality of true. We are responsible for our actions and decisions.

    admin May 24, 2018 AT 09 am

    Thanks champion xxx

Celia May 23, 2018 AT 11 am

It is so true in the most important aspect of our life: RELATIONSHIP!!! It is so easy to blame the other part, especially if you are a woman!!!

    admin May 24, 2018 AT 09 am

    Amazing. Thank you!

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