Paint the inside first
March 16, 2023

Paint the inside first

You buy a new house, actually it’s an old house but new to you.

It needs renovations doing to it both inside and out. All the walls are old and the paint is falling off in all the rooms. It is in a beautiful state of disrepair.

You have big dreams of building this into your “forever home” as aside from the work that needs doing everything is perfect.

Your biggest dilemma…..what do you do first?

Life is so similar, our bodies are our forever homes, we may or may not like the state of repair they are in right now. Our choices, as with our new home are the same. We can attend to the outside, the clothes we wear and the cars we buy or we can look at the inside and put all our energy into it, then worry about the external things.

True happiness always starts from within and no matter if it’s our body or our new house we should always paint the inside first.