Parallel Universe
May 13, 2020

Parallel Universe

I was reading a very interesting book recently called The Captains Class in which the author examines top performing sports teams drawing out winning traits and characteristics. It’s an incredible book, one thing that caught my attention and made me think of various walks of life is when he describes athletes often entering a “Parallel Universe” when they enter their court of play, one where they are quite literally willing to do anything to win, they deliver world class performance but at the same time push the rules of the game often breaking them.
We hear this often in sport through phrases like “get your game head on” and “lay it all out on the field.” It has made me think a lot not only about the way that some sports people seem to flick a switch as they enter the sports field and live out a completely different person for the time of their game and literally doing whatever it takes to win. It also made me think about various aspects of life, it is not just limited to sport.
Think about various stories that emerge from the business world in which it seems morals are thrown out of the window in the effort to chase the best business deal. Sometimes the effects can be the loss of peoples livelihoods or even worse. Its crazy the more time and thought you put into it.
That’s one angle to look at it from, the potentially bad things that people are willing to do to have success in their chosen arena. The other way of looking at it is a human beings ability to “level up” as they enter their parallel universe, to do almost “super human” things that allow them to be their very best.
The question that kept coming back to me and one I want to share here is; if we do enter a parallel universe does it bring out the best or worst in us? Think about it in various areas of your life where you are literally willing to do anything to succeed and make sure it is bringing out the very best in you!