Pay for the coffee
March 13, 2018

Pay for the coffee

Yep you read it right.
Pay for the coffee.
Every time.
If you are reading this is means you have a device to read on and there is a high probability that you also have a few pennies to pay for the coffee for whoever you are having a coffee with.
But why should I pay you ask? I am then client, I should be treated, or I am doing this person a favour, they should pay for me. Well I want to give you two very simple reason why you should always pay for the coffee.
  1. The person you are having coffee with may be able to help you in some way so be a good dude and pre reward the help they are going to give you but spending a small amount on the coffee.
  2. If the person you are having coffee with is a bit of a douche bag and maybe you are never going to see them again in your life then at least buy them a cup of coffee and smile so their final memory of you is as a good dude.
Simple huh, it costs you very little and can have a strong impact.
And yeah if you meet someone who has also read this article and is insisting to buy you a coffee then smile and let the one who wants to pay the most pay…..just make sure it is you.