Peace in chaos
October 23, 2021

Peace in chaos

“Life is chaos” is a phrase we hear spoken more and more these days.
Is it because people think it’s cool to live a chaotic life so just roll with the chaos pretending they are enjoying it?
Is it because the effort to do the opposite and be organized is just too much?
Or is it a mixture of the two with a chaser of a few more?
You will not perform optimally in any or all areas of life on a consistent basis if you allow chaos to prevail.
Start now and grab some small wins.
  • Plan out your week: Family, training, work, social.
  • Clean up your house: Put things away, wash your clothes, keep it clean.
  • Detox your tech: Remove the red bubbles from the screen of your phone and put that evil thing to bed at least an hour before you go each evening.
  • Be still: Everyday for a few minutes and be cool with it.
We can find peace in chaos and it will help us to grow as humans. It’s not easy in the every crowded world but like many things, with discipline it is always possible to create.