August 14, 2021


Food, data, lives….the list is endless to the increasing number of things in our lives that are becoming processed.


Should we be afraid, or be very afraid? Will be one of the undoings of mankind, perhaps the vital ingredient that will lead us to extinction.


At first we thought it was nice and embraced it but then and more so now we are seeing the catastrophic impact of processed humans.


Obesity is at an all time high leading to what can only be described as self inflicted death….main cause? Processed food!


Our data is being processed by robots or “bots” (is that a shortening or something different, I can not keep up) potentially leading to things that we really have no clue about but as different clues drop our fear somehow seems to rise, as does our sharing of it…….strange.


Lives are more processed than ever before, we think less, we somehow do less, we rely on automation and less on ourselves.


Where does it lead to? Does it bring us down? Is it already too late? Can we stop it?


Have we already been processed?