“Pull”…..bang bang!
March 09, 2022

“Pull”…..bang bang!

Lost? Understandable.
As I loaded two cartridges into the 12 bore side by side shot gun and pulled the butt of it tight into my shoulder knowing anything less would see the kick back all but dislocate my shoulder. The command “pull” lets the operator know I am ready for him to release the clays. Two will be sent up in the air and my objective is to use one of the shots for each in quick succession. Doing so will cause elation as I complete the shoot.
This is an extract from a scene in my childhood in the north of England on a clay pigeon shooting day.
I think it has a strong link to life when a few things go “bang bang” in quick succession, it can bring us both elation and in some cases heart ache!
I recently read 3 books in  fast succession which massively resonated with me, it was then 4 years since the day of my crash and finally Holly was away for 5 weeks. You could say that the latter in itself gave me time to think more about the former 4. You could say many things.
What 2,3 or 4 things have happened in quick succession lately in your life and have they brought you elation? It’s an interesting one, have a think!