Right here Right now
December 30, 2017

Right here Right now

This was the view I sat with 12 months ago and sit with now as I write this post. Aside from it being a great view providing inspiration on a number of levels there is another reason why it is relevant.

As I sat here a year ago looking at the view I made a commitment, a commitment to me but also to you. That commitment was that in 2017 I would post a blog post every singl;e week sharing my thoughts, my thoughts of the moment, my thoughts “Right here right now.”

For those of you that have read all 52 I thank you, for those that have only read a few and managed to make some positive change in your lives, I thank you also.

The message of this post is two fold, firstly to commit to another year of weekly blog posts to you my readers and secondly to highlight the power of moments like these, and moments like I had in this same chair last year that bring clear thinking and a great sense of mindfulness motivating me to keep living my life “right here right now” no matter where that here and now is.

Thanks for your support in 2017, here is to 2018 and the “right here right now.”