August 21, 2018


If you wrote down every health, fitness or diet concept or trend that you heard of in the last twelve months how many lines on a sheet of A4 would you need?
Lets play with a few so you get where I am coming from. Vegan, ab blast, lactose intolerant, pre diabetic, Paleo, obesity, HIIT training, Keto, and the list goes on and on and on.
Have you heard of them? Have you tried them? Do they work for you? Have they helped you?
The answers will be broad but why do we try and keep trying? We are searching, searching for something, different in each of us. Some are searching for justification, some for solutions, others for distraction.
Search, please do, but know why you are searching and what really you are searching for. During your search know that you are you, a unique individual and you need to search for what is right for you, not just because 10 of your friends (fake ones) on social media say it’s right.