August 21, 2017


We humans are so messed up. When we can make something harder or more complex these days we do.

We go round looking for answers to questions that we don’t even understand.

We think that the most basic human task be it related to the functionality of your body or other should have a science paper to prove its efficacy.

We take on the opinion of at least 10 people, 5 of who probably don’t really care and nor do we care about them, before we make the most basic decisions in our life.

The end results? Normally very poor and take way more time than they would should we have just kept things simple from the start.

My passion and my business and what I have chosen to dedicate my life to is performance and making people lives better. One way I committed to do this is through “Simplicity” and I would love for you to make things simpler where possible.

Let’s think about it related to performance:

“Eat well”. This simply means pure unprocessed food that has no additives and makes your body work well and not harm it. Why do your head in trying to count your “macros” (no insulted meant here but) do you even know what macros are?

“Sleep well”. 7-8 hours a night every night. It’s not the stock exchange or a bank account, stop trying to get out of the red and store up credit. Just be simple and follow the rules.

“Move often” and with “integrity and purpose”. For most of us movement makes our lives better and more enjoyable, it does not pay the bills. Therefore find a simple purpose and execute often with integrity.

Do one thing for me. Simplify as much as you can for 10 days, then 20 and then 30 and then it becomes your life and it will be way better and way more fulfilling.

Simplicity helps you win at life.