Some won’t come back
January 23, 2023

Some won’t come back

We are all so beautifully different. None of us see everything the same. Few of us really want the same thing (despite us trying to fight it) and even fewer know why they want what they want.
Some will pursue a product, service or place for a certain period of time in what appears to be total happiness and satisfaction only to wake up one day and realize it is not for them.
To the contrary others will also pursue a product, service or place for a period of time not really knowing why and then suddenly one day wake up and know what that product, service or place does for them. In that moment of realization we see alignment of vision and values across all parties. The result is endless happiness and fulfillment.
However not everyone’s vision and values are aligned, some will use your product, service and place for sometime, others a lifetime. If you are comfortable in what you stand for and you continue to deliver that in a consistent manner then you will be very comfortable to accept that some won’t come back…….. but many will.