Staring death in the face
February 10, 2020

Staring death in the face

It’s two years since my crash…….no time doesn’t fly, life  has been epic since…but that’s not the point.
There are many things I have read, experiences I have had and conversations I have had with an array of people in the last two years, (even one time when I was speaking about my crash to 400 people) that have brought me to the conclusion that on Feb 10th 2018 I started death right in the face.
I read something in the fall of 2019 which I really honestly do not know what it was now that 100% confirmed to me that I had a total out of body experience with death that day. As the truck driver walked toward me (even though I had blood coming out of my mouth, could not breath and was no doubt in excruciating pain from the multiple breaks in my rib cadge and scapula) I felt absolutely no pain at all, I have no clue what he looked like as I saw straight through him almost as though he was a ghost, maybe he was!
In that very moment, did I leave my body? was my soul contemplating death or maybe even life? I have no idea. All I know as I have said in the various talks I have done on the crash was that I thought to myself I have two choices, “die or fight like hell”. I knew there was only one….the fight began.
Even 2 years on its strange to think I stared death in the face and lived. But it happened and I am living.
I hope you are living too.