February 24, 2020


We all do it, not just the #plantbased
Go and have a look at peoples bios no matter where.
Student of life
Plant based
And the list goes on as does our search for meaning in life, however this post may or may not be about that search for meaning….its more about if we are trying to give ourself a status or if life and the way things are these days are trying to give us a status.
Think back to the 80s there were only a few things we could or would be, but somehow in the 2000’s and rampantly from 2010 onwards we have seen an explosion in things we can be or things we want to be and in some cases things we may actually never be.
But why?
I think the answer is simple. We all want to belong. This is human nature. So when we find a tribe that we feel we share something with we are willing top update our “status” accordingly. We all do it and will continue to do it.
The only thing I ask you to think about is if that bio or that status will be the same 5 years from now and if not why not!
There is no right but there may be some wrong…..think about it.