Stop being a victim
September 12, 2017

Stop being a victim

At first they can smell you, they pick up your scent way before they even lay eyes on you, they seek you out, they yearn for you because they want you so badly and they are psychotic about finding you, about infiltrating you and about making you one of their own.
The most beautiful thing is that neither they nor you really know this is happening until it is way too late. When you bond with them you are essentially in paradise, a whole new world, a world where mediocrity is the norm, where winning has never existed and where idleness blooms season after season. Satanically almost.
They operate in this way as they want you to be just like them, they are tired of being lonely, they want the support of others to justify their pathetic existence of nothingness.
Yes, these are the people that you need to be away from, way way away from as they seek to make you a victim of their own misery. These are the people who thrive from excuses, who can justify why they are not achieving great things in life, who whenever you ask them how they are spurt back “same old same”.
Come on this is not the life you want, they are not the people you need. You are cut from a far better cloth and designed for far greater things than to become a victim of those who have no future.
Be careful and be committed to staying on your own path and being around those that take you to success and happiness.