Take Cold Showers
January 14, 2017

Take Cold Showers

Yep you read that right and here are a few reasons why:

1. Becuase science says so: From burning fat to increasing alertness, boosting recovery, improving circulation and immunity. These are just a few of the scientific reasons for cold showers that have various studies behind them, some more solid that others but the science is there.
2. Becuase it makes you mentally tougher: Weak people don’t like being uncomfortable and cold showers bring zero comfort. It takes a certain amount of mental resilience to hop in a cold shower on a winters morning but it sets you up in a great mind set for the day ahead. Remember, weak people don’t like being uncomfortable.
3. Because it saves you time: I’m pretty sure you won’t stay in a cold shower for half as long as a hot one. Even if that only saves you 2 minutes a day that would equate to 35 days across your life span. Imagine what you could do with 35 extra days, I’m pretty keen to make that saving.

But remember though……weak people don’t like being uncomfortable.


Stroebel_CH January 17, 2017 AT 07 am

Awesome message coming across here.

    admin January 22, 2017 AT 02 am

    Thanks for your support

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