May 06, 2020


Think of the people in your life be it business or personal and see if you can fit them into a football team line up and why?

This is how mine looks

The goal keepers: We all need goal keepers in our life don’t we! They can see the field in front of us and they ultimately hold us together. Holly my wife (and my family) have to be my best goal keepers and then my finance staff that when I am off having ideas about how we are going to make people better at life and building new gyms make sure that all the numbers add up.
The defenders: These guys prop up everything we do in InnerFight and Smith St. They are the Rockstars that answer the phones and greet people or the Smith St brand team that make sure people have food to eat. I think defenders rarely get the praise they deserve so in reading this spare a thought for my defenders and the defenders in your teams.
The midfield: I read one day that in some games David Beckham could run close to 20km. Midfielders put in the yards or in my teams case the hours and these guys are the coaches across InnerFight and InnerFight Endurance. They can be up coaching or training at 5am and still be in the gym at 7pm to meet someone. Their week days and weekends are the same. They never stop because their passion is helping people and making people better and that’s a 24/7 job
The strikers: With my background in marketing but my total lack of creativity, my relationship with these guys is always fun. In house, our media team at InnerFight have always managed to tell our story in a raw and real way which I think is super unique. At the start of the year I started using 2 epic humans Sabine and Samantha from Talent and Truth to help me tell my personal story to the world. The impact my strikers have on life is wild.
This was fun. Give it a shot!