Tell me why you can
July 04, 2017

Tell me why you can

Excuses, reasons, obstacles, words, chat, something but often nothing.

Think about this: Don’t we often tell ourselves and those around us why we can’t do things. Our reasoning ranges from legit to BS but the nature is always the same, we consume energy telling ourselves and each other why we can’t.

What about this: a complete mindset shift from “why you can’t” to “why you can”. As always it’s a movement of the mind to think different, to choose different words. To choose to think positively in search of all the great reasons why you can do great things in your life opposed to focusing on the things in the way, which in so many situations are not real anyway!

So when you think, about goals, about life, about anything, search not for the why you can’t, search for the why you can and enjoy the changes you will see in your life.