Tell It How It Is
January 04, 2017

Tell It How It Is

The days of BS are over. Not that they ever started for me but I’m telling you right now they need to stop, for you and for everyone.

I remember a friend of mine always used to say “you are either pregnant or you’re not, there is no such thing as half pregnant.” Sounds simple but it’s true right.

There is far too much BS kicking around these days, people telling you that you are doing well when actually you suck. If you suck you need to be told you suck. The thought of someone telling me I am good at something when in fact they know I suck just kills me.

Some say that some people are more motivated by a softer approach, a little bit of cotton wool so to speak. Let me tell you something. I have coached hundreds of people, dealt with high level business men and interviewed numerous professional sports people. Not once did I see or hear about a soft approach, quite the opposite, the more successful the person the tougher the approach, the more truth, the more “tell it how it is attitude.”

So. If you are over weight you deserve to be told, if you need to get stronger, you deserve to be told, to slow, be told.

There is no future or justice in sugar coatings. You deserve to be told straight and should be the same with the people you deal with.

Anything less is a waste of time and energy.