The big picture
January 08, 2023

The big picture

“Start at the end.”
“Reverse engineer”
“Think broad not narrow”
Take any cliche you like or dislike about looking at the big picture. I am not asking you to love the concept in it’s entirety but I am asking you to make it work for you.
Through two decades of coaching I can absolutely tell you that the greatest success is delivered from those who have agreed to sit down and thrash out the big picture.
Sometimes it’s a one stop session that for the client is then parked as we both take the reigns in our own unique way to dominate on a more granular level.
The big picture works for all of us if it is drawn and given meaning on the right terms. Those that say it’s not for them have either never approached it right or are simply too lazy to do so.
(Get in touch if you want the data and the drawings that back it up.)