The business zone
June 26, 2021

The business zone

I am an endurance athlete and so are you!
You may not think so but you are. The reason you do not think so is because you are not operating like one. That also may be the reason why your business is not going where you want it to.
Top end endurance athletes can train for over 1,000 hours per year. Of those hours they spend 80% of their time in “zone 2” working little over 60% of their max ability.
This in itself is what makes them a top end athlete.
The business world sees people working double these hours and is often demanding “zone 4-5” 90%-100% effort of individuals and then asking why we are seeing burnout, mental sickness and dwindling motivation.
Let’s learn from endurance athletes as that’s what we all are. Let’s apply some of the zone rules to business and let’s then see how our performance in the business world increases!