The coaching cycle
September 25, 2021

The coaching cycle

It has been on my mind for a while, it’s not rocket science, it’s not exclusive to our industry, it’s a part of life….sadly a part where there is a danger that no one wins, no one progresses, no one gets better. It needs attention.
Take this model and apply it to a lot of things in life and it will resonate.
We “try it” we are fresh, learning new things, have loads of energy as everything is new and exciting and we are thirsty, soaking things up like a sponge. Although we don’t have many clients and therefore can not have much client success (blue line) we are super motivated to help people and serve up genuine value.
We have “made it” as one day we wake up and we have clients on the books and money is coming in. We tell ourselves “this is it” this is what I dreamed of and we slowly start using # such as #mybestlife #blessed. Our clients are doing well but because as humans we are inherently lazy we back off as we keep telling ourselves we made it, in doing so we are not super motivated to help our clients and the amount of value we bring them declines.
Then we “f**ked it” as we have become complacent whilst we were busy using the above # on social media. Our clients success rates start to drop but of course it’s not our fault….so we blame them. They speak but we do not listen as our ears are closed. Our motivation is low and the only word to describe were we are at is “disaster.”
Now we move to a beautiful phase as we start to “rebuild it”. It’s like we have been given a second chance (many have quit) as we relearn things, not rushing but learning properly. One thing we learn to do very well in this phase is listen, we are different, we act deeper and our emotional intelligence starts to rise. At a slower rate our client success starts to rise again as does the real value we are motivated to bring them. Its a great phase.
If we nail the rebuild it phase we wake up one day and everything is different. We “Own it”. We see our clients as part of our team, we see everyone as part of our team. We no longer use “u” and “I” but rather “we” and “our”. We now really COACH. Our motivation to deliver true value continues to rises ongoing, but what is more beautiful is that our client success rises and continues to rise even higher and almost on it’s own.
Many coaches never get past “f**ked it”, they are weak and they give up or have another career change. Those that weather the storm are the real coaches you want in your life. Whilst living in the “Own It” zone is always the ultimate goal, the reality is that we don’t. We do with some clients but when we are at this stage of our journey we are always asking ourselves what we can do better and we realize that in different ways on different topics we actually bounce from the edge of “f**ked it” through “rebuild it” and into “own it”.
Change the word coach for pretty much any job on the planet, I told you it’s not rocket science and not exclusive to our industry.