The Final Climb
January 29, 2023

The Final Climb

The look on their faces was pure emotion, pain, but also elation, it was special. It sparked something inside of me the first time I saw it. I wanted to know what it was. I’m curious by nature.

Human performance fascinates me as does the limit (or lack thereof) of the human spirit. You could say I have dedicated my life to this pursuit both personally and through the coaching of others.

What are they feeling? What’s going on? I need it!…these were some of the thoughts that bounded around in my head. The thoughts intrigued me, why was this resonating? What was going on?

I let the thoughts sit, some days I took more notice of them than others. But of course the You Tube algorithm always gets you, often when you are not ready. It remembers better than you what you have watched (or even sometimes what you have thought about watching) and it throws things into your eyes…..but also your soul somehow!

Before I knew it I was watching the same race, the same faces and having the same thoughts and more. A full distance triathlon starting with the 3.8km swim in close to freezing waters, 180km bike through rolling, stunning hills before the competitors started their trail marathon ending with the brutal climb where the faces came into play.

And then a random January training camp. Day 2. 13km bike TT to the roof of the UAE followed by a trail run. I feel something in my legs that sends my brain into over load. We can create this right here.

This can be the final climb. 

RAKMAN was born.