The Macro Dream
October 10, 2017

The Macro Dream

We listen to people, people that we look up to, people that we respect, all kinds of people that have done all kinds of amazing things. And when we listen carefully their message is similar, they use phrases like:

Dream big.
Set goals that scare you.
The bigger the goal the more you learn.
Challenge yourself as much as you can.
Find a goal that gets you right out of your comfort zone.

These people encourage that big thinking, a “macro focus. I’m one of those people to a certain extent and when you tell me you have set a goal that is scaring the hell out of you, you will often hear me reply with “easy, but focus on the process”.

I want you to think different in that often what you think is the goal is actually the destination. WTF?

Well yes this is true in that the real goal here is committing to doing things everyday to ensure that you arrive at the destination and if you do those things then making it through to the destination is actually quite easy.

Common errors I am seeing is that people are setting what we are referring to as these “big goals” and that’s all they think about. They say they want to run a marathon and all the focus on is race day, they count the days down until race day instead of the hours to the next meal, sleep or training session that is an integral part of the process.

And of course because they are only focusing on race day and are rarely ever present for the next meal, sleep or training session they do not complete it with the aggression, drive and passion it needs so they arrive at the destination (race day) anxious and under prepared, often falling short but then justifying to them selves why they failed through a pathetic social media post.

Let me tell you something your failures are simple born out of your inability to drop the macro dream and do the hard yards.

When you go to bed tonight that 8 hours of sleep is the biggest factor in your success, make it count. And then when you wake up to train tomorrow morning that training session is the new biggest factor in your success, make it count. Live and dominate in the present, in the moment as that’s where the magic happens, those are the hard yards that make the big dreams come true and this is our biggest downfall as a human race today.

So yes, have the big goals, set the bar high but then focus on the things that you do every second of every minute of every hour of every day that are going to make you a success. Those are the real goals and those are the things that give you the big wins.