The odds are agasinst you
March 27, 2017

The odds are agasinst you

If you like math like I do, then everything in life, that can be, is a calculation, an equation, life is maths.

This often works in my favor as I am able to quickly calculate things and make a decision as to if they are a good idea or not. Normally when the math adds up the decision is a yes, when the math doesn’t look so good the decision is a no.

But like all math and like life there are exceptions.

Look at the odds of success in these various areas and equations:

68.8% of adults in the world right now are obese or overweight. If you are a man thats 74%. Flip that around and you have at best a 32% chance getting through life and not being obese.
1 person will win Olympic gold in the 100m. That means in the average life time there will only be 19.5 people that you will see win that title.
Apple employe around 115,000 people globally but have only 1 CEO.

But it’s your dream to be fit and healthy, it’s your dream to be Olympic champion or it’s your dream to be CEO.

Well I have given you the stats and you have no choice but to agree with me that the odds are against you.

So what should we do? Give up? Change our goals and dreams? Focus on something else? Well truth be told when some people look at those sorts of stats that is just what they do. They quit straight away, they think it will never be them, they will never make it because so many have gone before them and failed.

I want to challenge you to think different. I want to challenge you to prove the odds wrong, to be the one that made it, the anomaly, the exception to the rule.

At the same time I want you to understand what it will take to be that person. You are going to have to be different to the others, you are going to have to go without certain things, make sacrifices, say no to things over and over again, remain focussed even when there are ultimate distractions.

If you are willing to do that then for sure you will prove the odds wrong, if not you will just become another stat.

Like always you choose.

Please choose wisely.