The power of air
April 17, 2018

The power of air

It’s all around us, it’s free, we consume liters of it each day and rarely think about it. Without it though we die, and we die fast. Strange really isn’t it. Something that is so essential to life we rarely even consider, respect or have any time for. Of course I don’t for one minute think you should stop everyday and appreciate the air around us or start talking to it and giving it thanks.
What I want you to think about is if there was no more air, for a short time or a long time it really doesn’t matter. Try it, just stop breathing and see how far you get, when it starts to get tough and you really have to fight, think about that fight, what it means, how important it is to you in that particular situation and how perhaps you can launch that fight into your drive for life.
(*please start again before anything goes badly wrong)
There is a quote that I heard a number of years ago which reads: “You have to succeed as much as you want to breathe.” I liked it the first time I heard it.
When I crashed my bike on February 10th 2018 I was forced to fight for every single breath, well I had a choice, I could have laid there and quite soon would have gone into a state of unconsciousness due to lack of oxygen or I could have fought for every single breath. The fact that I am here writing this now confirms that I decided to fight, in that situation the power of air and my desire to get more was stronger than it had ever been before and I hope will be again.
I made a deal with myself that from that point onward I would really make the above quote something that comes into my life. I hope you can make a similar deal with yourself but realizing the power of air and somehow boosting your desire to succeed in everything you do in life.