The power of worrying
January 30, 2017

The power of worrying


Yup, that’s how much weight I would put into it.

Look back to the religious books from a number of religions and the phrase is there something to the tune of. “By worrying none of you can add a single hour to his life.”

So why do we do it? How come it consumes so much of our time and energy and really what’s the benefit? Well we could write volumes to answer those questions but I want to leave you with fast practical advice as always so here are my 3 points.

1. We worry because things are out of our control and this makes us insecure and almost at a loss. However if something is out of our control then no matter how much energy we put into worrying about it we are not going to influence the outcome so better focus on something else and let the outcome be what it is meant to be.
2. We worry becuase we are under cooked, haven’t put the work in or simply haven’t been bothered to do what we are supposed to have done for a particular situation. This my friends is all down to us and we have to take responsibility and make sure we put the work in. But again worrying about it won’t help, doing the work will.
3. We worry becuase we can’t visualise the outcome of a particular situation be it good or bad. “What if I actually get this job…” we make think in a positive content. For this we need to live in the moment and address the situation when it arises and not sit there and think up 100 scenarios to worry about of which none may come to fruition.

So there you see the power and benefit of worrying about things is negligible when you think about it. I know at times you want something so bad that you have put all of your effort into it and all there is left to do is worry but really what value is it brining you.

Live in the moment, be confident in your ability and your preparation for circumstances and invest all of that worrying energy into things that you can control and that will make your lives better.