The Red Carpet
November 20, 2021

The Red Carpet

It’s never flat, its never even, when it’s dry is throws a thick dust up, when it’s wet it’s heavy, it leaves a stain on everything but one that for some reason brings a great smile as you know it’s the trade mark of running in Africa and you have been blessed to run on it.

A week after returning from this amazing place and spending more time reflecting on the trip and discussing it with many people this “red carpet” seems to be somewhat of a metaphor for life or perhaps what life was and or should be!  Tom, Rob and I had an incredible week in Kenya (read more here) and I think that is down to the fact that we arrived with zero expectations, open ears, open minds and our running kit.

We smiled at the Kenyans and they let us run with them. We asked their permission to talk to them and take photos and videos and they obliged. They are some of the best runners in the world and they have become that by running on this red carpet and what many in the “modern world” would call the “simple life.”

Well if that simple life is working so well for them then surely we have to stop, think and look at our life and how unnecessarily complicated we seem to be making it. Maybe just “maybe” the key to our success could be winding back the clock just slightly, removing some of the things that are not actually serving us and just rolling with the simplicity and natural features of the “red carpet.”