The Ride
January 21, 2024

The Ride

Technically it does not make a lot of sense that the energy is so high, but for the next few minutes, throw out the text book.
This is life and this is as real as it can be.
End of the week or start of the weekend, does that spin the energy? Is anyone thinking of it like that?
The big hand is nearing the 12 whilst it’s smaller sibling is at it’s most distant. It is still dark. Some say cold but anything in double figures does not deserve that label.
The group is as diverse as the country it exists in. That could be the kicker but let’s not rush. Over twenty people from a dozen different nationalities, who together in the week previous have covered several countries and perhaps fifty airline flights due to their chosen professions. Speaking of which. You name it and they are here. The CEO, the COO, the CMO, the CFO. Everything is covered, all the way to the coach who welcomes the group and shares the “rough” plan for the mornings ride.
Some hear some of it. Others have used all of their bandwidth in the week to take on more instructions. But everyone knows the words coming from the coaches mouth are something about the 100km of riding that lays ahead. Variable importance to those present.
Welcome to the weekend ride. The ride that welcomes and respects but shares the same vision as the brand itself. To make people better at life. Sit on the front, sit at the back, sit in the middle of the pack. At some stage you will do all of some, or some of all and most places in between. Talk, do not talk, no one will judge you. This is a a place where that word has never existed anyway. Easy together until hard and then when hard arrives maybe harder, some drop, drops break people open but ultimately make people better. The vision no one wants to see as their legs scream, heart explodes is the group disappearing into the distance. A feeling everyone here has felt at some stage in the past and may well feel in the future too. One that presents them with the beautiful gift of an option, to improve or lay down, rekindle their ego and go somewhere that allows that to shine and be center stage. Here is not it.
Smiles, high fives, tired legs, salt stained jerseys, the ride is over, the moments presented, the conversations happened, the attacks pursued, everyone got better, except those that chose not to.
It is powerful, unique, brutal and beautiful all at the same time.
And next week we do it all again!