The Right Order
January 09, 2018

The Right Order

I did a talk recently at Creative Mornings on “context”. To a crowd I had never met and who knew a little about me. I don’t always introduce myself and give a background, sometimes it’s not needed, but on this occasion it was required so I did.
My second slide.
Top line, a picture of my parents and a picture of my wife. As they flashed up I stated, “the number one most important thing to me in life are my parents and my wife, without them I am nothing.”
Second line. “And secondly my health” as I used various images from my sporting past to illustrate this.
Third line: “And once they are in place I can focus on my business” I commented as the InnerFight and Smith St Paleo logos appeared.
I loved the confusion on the peoples faces as I know for so many people life’s order is quite different.
I then went on to tell them that when planning my diary my family appointments on a daily or weekly basis are always entered first.
Are you lost? Think about it? What is your order of doing things? What is most important to you? How do you plan your diary?