The time is now
July 26, 2016

The time is now

If you have an idea, the time is now
If you think you can achieve something, the time is now.
If there is something in life you have been dreaming of, the time is now.
If you have a goal you just keep putting off, the time is now.
I have worked and spoken to a number of people and not one person has ever ever ever turned around to me and said they regret chasing their dreams too early, its always the other way round, trust me, all you ever hear is people saying, why didn’t I do this before, I wish I had started earlier, I should have done it then, I could have done different, the time is now.
Just think about that, I am sure you have had super similar experiences, stop procrastinating, stop putting stuff off, get on with it, because the time really is now.