There is always a goal
December 27, 2022

There is always a goal

“I don’t have a goal” signifies some sort of lack of perspective and or self awareness or a total misunderstanding of what a goal actually is…….or finally conformity to societal developments that unless your goal is bigger and better than those you have set before (or seen around you) then it is not worth speaking about.
Waking up = goal
Going to work = goal
Loving a partner = goal
Going to a gym = goal
Back squat at the gym = goal
The list is endless
What we need to start to be cool with is being proud of a goal that does not break a record, set a PR or amass 3,000 fake likes on social media, but is a goal that you are excited about and will get a sense of fulfillment from on achievement.
There is always a goal and it is always important….to you, and that’s what matters.