There is no “Bucket List”
May 09, 2016

There is no “Bucket List”

Its a common question, “Whats on your bucket list?” Well I am super sorry to disappoint you, I do not have one and don’t think I even will. Does this mean I am a drop out, a loser that will never achieve anything more than the norm or just a dead beat? Or is that how society is going to view us? I will let you decide on your answer to that.
To me life is not about bucket lists. Its about constantly challenging yourself. I sadly do not have a magic wand nor a crystal ball so I have no clue what may crop up next week, next year or next decade. But what I can tell you is that when something crops up, I look at my criteria for getting the most out of my life and if that something ticks that boxes I will move mountains to get involved in it.
I have a commitment and a rule to get the very most out of my life so challenges and doing cool things has to be a part of that. I believe we need to get a bit more flexible and start to connect with the huge positive impact both physical and mental challenges have on us and through us onto those around us.
Don’t get me wrong here, there is a big difference between goals and bucket lists, to me bucket lists are dreams where as goals are dreams that are written down, have a plan, a roadmap to achievement, have a why, and understanding, a commitment, an outcome and a desire to complete. If you want to call your goals your bucket list then thats totally cool but remember if your goals do not have all of those characteristics then the chances of them coming to fruition are so slim you may as well keep them in the dream bucket!
So my advice is simple, screw what other people tell you in that you should have bucket lists of what you want to achieve in life as I am pretty sure that a number of bucket listers never get through more than 50% of whats on the list anyway.
Just make a commitment to keep challenging yourself, keep doing really awesome stuff, get right outside of your comfort zone often, do things that make you grow, that help you learn from pain and live a life that at the end you can truly say you took every opportunity you were given and did not waste a single chance or bit of talent you were blessed with. To me thats life. Enjoy it.