There’s a lot of noise
April 23, 2017

There’s a lot of noise

It’s non stop, it’s in every single format you could ever think, dream or believe and it is loud, super loud.


It is distracting you at a rate that you have not even realised, but why haven’t you realized? Becuase you have become so immune to it, it has become your new normal, it is your life.

What am I talking about, aside from those talking around you, at you, rudely, brands, people you don’t know, aliens in some cases.

Well I am talking about all of those, just think how much people just speak at you, even when you do not even invite it, they make noise and that distracts you, at first you tried to fight it but now its normal you fight it less and by doing so hear more of the noise that doesn’t even help you.

And then you start to think about your phone or tablet or whatever device you have these days, the alerts, the ads, the junk, the invasion in that anyone can put themselves into the palm of your hand on their terms, through an “app” of their choice pretty much whenever they choose. Isn’t that slightly frightening but absolutely true. Just take for example three or four platforms that if I want to I could invade the palm of your hand on whenever I wished. Facebook and by default Instagram, Whatsapp and then I could go really old school and send you today’s equivalent of a letter by e-mail!

You have all alerts on and as soon as my missile leaves my device it is on yours almost instantaneously and of course you check it pretty much straight away. WOW!!!


There is a lot and for all the benefit of it I just want to encourage you to revert to silence from time to time, to think, see, be still. Just try it and see how things change. Ideas, thoughts, moods, attitudes. Your whole world.

Turn down the noise, turn up your silence and therefore your greateness.

Thanks for reading.