Time for a clean out
December 23, 2016

Time for a clean out

You’ve joined the gym, you’ve started eating better and there is a chance you’re sleeping more which of course means you are starting to feel amazing. You may even have some pretty epic goals in places, things you want to achieve that were at one stage just dreams.

But something’s up, something you can’t quite put your finger on. Over the years, I have been playing around with this thing called performance and helping people live the very best lives they can and I have found this theory to be something that people often forget to address but when they do they really start to fly.

As the title suggests it may just be…”time for a clean out”.

Here are some mad trends that I have seen, or traps that people fall into:

  1. They keep their old clothes: I had someone come and see me at one of the lowest points of his life with a 42inch waist. First thing we agreed that he would do once he dropped a waist size is throw away those big clothes because there was no way we were ever going back to them.
  2. They look at old pictures: Now there is power and motivation in before and after pictures and I encourage people to keep a few but there must be logic in this. I remember going around to one friend’s house who I was helping with some goals and everywhere you look there were pictures of him overweight and living a lifestyle he had chosen to leave behind. The pictures must change or at least lock them away. Why? Because motivational though they may be, at the same time your mind plays tricks on you and in your weakest moment that old option is the one your mind runs towards.
  3. They dwell on the past: I respect your history and when we first meet I want to know all about it, trust me I’m the guy that will remember it, no need to tell me every time we meet. Rather, tell me what’s next, tell me what you are going to become as that is where you are going to live your life and that’s what is most exciting for both of us. So, let the past go, as the old cliché goes “you cannot change it” but of course you can influence the future so invest your time and energy there instead.

Anytime is a good time for a clean out and please be ruthless; clean the wardrobe, clean your house (I throw away things that I haven’t used for 6 months, my Dad is a little more lenient and gives things about a year) and clean your mind.

By doing this you take away all the distractions, all the excuses and you can focus 200% on winning the future and living the life you were designed to live.

Enough reading……go clean.