Most of the time I’m High
January 07, 2020

Most of the time I’m High

I have been thinking this for a long time now. Are you?
I wake up and I’m pumped it’s a new day to win. I’m high!
I have my coffee and think about life. I’m high
I go and train myself or other people and the day just gets better. I’m high
I work on things to make the lives of others better. I’m high
I meet people and help them figure out how to get high. I’m high
I have another coffee. I’m high
I train again. I’m high
I get home and see my amazing wife. I’m high
I go to sleep excited about tomorrow. Even though I shouldn’t be…. I’m high
Most of the time I’m actually high……and I don’t think I’m alone!
Are you? If not, why not….. you deserve to be.