Time to set yourself free
June 26, 2017

Time to set yourself free

In your mind, in your life, things happen. For a reason, sometimes known but often unknown.
We hang on to those things especially the ones that we can not figure out why they happened. They consume us, our energy, our emotions, our time. To a point where we slowly grind to a holt, not enabling ourselves to move forward, not letting our mind and body be free.
It’s often hard to let them go as the scars are deep in us. We have let them affect us in all sorts of ways but they are stopping us from living and forcing us to remain in the past, where life does not exist.
It’s time to set yourself free, to let things go, to reset the hard drive. I’m sorry if the last time you ran up a big hill you imploded and had a bad experience but come on, let’s not let that stop you from trying too run up that hill at the top because I can assure you once you get there an amazing view awaits you.
You have to be free, free from the baggage and the burden that weighs you down. Let it go, let it all go and then go out and do epic things like I know you were designed for.