November 09, 2022


The athlete and the coach both have very unique roles in the achievement of the goal, which in itself is the progression and betterment of a certain situation that must resonate with the two in some way, shape and form from the get go!
The sessions and the numbers form progress markers and deliver either reward and or working points for both the athlete and the coach over time. In many  was they are actually quite arbitrary. The real magic is something way deeper and ultimately more satisfying. It is the power of achieving something together, as one, as a team, yes as athlete and coach but ultimately together sharing the same passion and desire for the clear goal whatever it may be.
Prior to both parties understanding and working toward this incredibly powerful bond of togetherness all that we have are two egos traveling for the most part in conflicting directions. They may be temporarily brought together in parallel if the points of progression and benchmarks are achieved but this parallel motion will only be short lived at best.
Brutal honesty and hard work for both are the driving forces to cement this togetherness and not only on a physical level, they have to be present in all aspects of life and performance. Use PR’s, PB’s, Big events and benchmarks but search not for these in isolation, they are simply tools to develop the togetherness.
Focus on the development of “together” and the relationship has meaning and power and in doing so has unlimited potential for both.