Travel light
February 13, 2018

Travel light

I made a pledge 4 years ago to never travel with more than 10kgs of luggage. 10kg for 3 reasons,
  1. I could get away with it as hand luggage
  2. That’s about the weight of a travel trolley bag
  3. I figured no matter where I was going that would be more than enough.
The only caveat I put on this was when I was traveling with something like my bike. I actually have twice managed to go snowboarding and not break this rule.
My pledge came out of a bit of anger you could say, anger at seeing people check so much luggage into a flight that I had convinced myself they didn’t need and also my pledge came out of my desire to see how simply I could live.
The more I carry on with my concept of “travel light” the more I think we can apply this to every aspect of our lives. This particular circumstance is related to physical things (Check out my post Time for a clean out) but have a think about other aspects of your life, are you able to lighten the load a bit, to make things simpler, to travel through this journey of life with less baggage slowing you down and causing you stress?
So in every aspect of your life please figure out how you can Travel Light!